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SEO Title: Tiger Woods’ Masters Win Pays Off Big for Nike – A Look at the Impact of His Record-Breaking Victory
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Tiger Woods finally conquered the challenge of winning the Masters again after 11 years of testing. On Sunday, his longtime sponsor Nike saw the fruits of its loyalty to the famous athlete, who had been suffering from losses in both golf and sponsorships. The iconic sportswear brand managed to capture Woods’ triumph with its “Just Do It” slogan through an impactful social media campaign that was seen by tens of millions of viewers.

The swoosh of Nike (NKE) was prominently visible on Woods’ shirt, and the exposure was valued at around $22 million, according to Apex Marketing, a sponsorship analytics research firm. Comparatively, a similar victory by another Nike athletic endorser had netted the company $12 million the previous year.

Even when Tiger was struggling, he often had higher viewership ratings than other golfers in the field, which meant Nike got something back for their investment. This time, however, Nike got what was most meaningful: an emotional video clip of a 3-year-old Tiger Woods gloating about beating Jack Nicklaus’ record major titles.

The scandal and DUI incident in 2017 that affected Woods’ overall image was a huge setback, as many of his other sponsors began resigning their deals. With Nike, however, Woods remained under the same roof, offering more assurance that the company can go the mile with its endorsement deals.

According to the Q Score Company, Tiger Woods is still a well-known athlete, with an even higher public admiration among sports fans. His current Nike deal is speculated to be worth half of its original $20 million a year, some of which is based on performance as well as frequency of advertisement appearances.

With this momentous Masters victory, Forbes estimates that Woods’ endorsement deals may be valued at $42 million for 2018. Furthermore, Nike is expected to increase their involvement with Woods’ achievements leading up to other major tournaments. After all, Tiger Woods is still a marketable commodity that has everything pointing in an upward direction.

As Woods moves on to other endorsements, such as TaylorMade clubs and Bridgestone golf balls, Nike will remain the center of his golfing attire. With Monster Energy appearing on his golf bag, Nike has solidified their place the popular golfer’s sponsorships for years to come.

The impact of Tiger Woods’ Masters win is more than just a victory; it is a sign that loyalty and faith have their rewards. With eleven long years in the making, Nike has once again proven that with just a swoosh, anything is possible.

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