What Are Roof Shingles?


Roof shingles are the overlaid elements that form a pitched roof covering. They are usually rectangular, flat and are laid out in courses. A ridge course is typically included as the last course. These shingles are usually secured to the roof with nails or screws.

Shingles are made from various materials. Metal slate, plastic, and slate are the most sought-after. Wood shingles are common outside the US. Ceramic tiles and shingles are still popular in Europe and in parts of Asia. Cedar shingles can also be purchased however they may change from their natural wood color into silver-like hue. The shingles of wood can be cut into various shapes such as hand-split, tapersawn, Resawn and asymmetrical shakes.

Roof shingles’ material will impact the strength and durability of the roof. All roofing materials must be tested and assessed for impact resistance. Materials that are classified as Class 4 are the strongest and are able to withstand impacts of up to 90 mph. CertainTeed suggests using roofing materials with a high impact resistance rating. It is crucial to keep in mind that roof shingles may deteriorate more quickly than wall shingles due to the fact that they are more able to withstand water. Based on the type of shingle, cost of installing these roofs could vary from $265-$375 per square. Roofing can be installed over existing shingles, but the material must be in good condition. You may want to consider tiles when you’re seeking to replace your roof.

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