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Tiger Woods Successfully Undergoes Back Surgery: What to Know About His Recovery

After nearly two years of rehab and missing the Masters Tournament due to back spasms, Tiger Woods underwent successful back surgery on Thursday. The 14-time major winner released a statement confirming the operation and expressed his optimism at being able to lead a “normal life” again.

Woods’ surgery, the fourth on his back, was meant to alleviate the “ongoing pain in his back and leg” he has been suffering from. Dr. Richard Guyer, the doctor who performed the surgery, said that after Woods’ if fully healed through and through rehabilitation therapy, he will be able to return to a competitive golfing lifestyle.

The Training and Rehabilitation Tiger Woods Needs To Fully Recover

To make sure Woods makes a full recovery, it is thought to require several weeks of resting and physical therapy. Typically, patients who undergo a similar procedure return to full activity after six months. To ensure backwards progress after the surgery, physical therapist need to focus on specific exercises that should help reduce the risk of back spasms.

The statement released stated that due to the previous herniations and the three previous surgeries, one of Woods’ discs in the lower back had severely narrowed. This had caused a lot of sciatica and he also had to cope with severe pain in both the back and the leg due to this issue. It was revealed that various therapies and treatments such as medication, physical therapy, limiting activity and even injections had failed to provide a permanent solution. In order for the issue to be resolved once and for all, a surgery was deemed necessary.

What Was The Procedure Involved During Woods’ Surgery?

The surgery entailed removing the damaged disc and re-elevating the collapsed disc space to more normal levels. Whilst this procedure is known to have great success when done correctly, Woods’ medical team recognise that patience is required and that the aim is for him to eventually make a full recovery.

Woods is famously known for his focus and drive – both on and off the golf course – and he expressed the desire to get back to playing with his children, competing in golf tournaments and to living a life free from pain.

As Woods begins his recovery, golf fans wish him all the best in returning to play the game he loves in the near future.

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