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Tiger Sighted in Palamu Tiger Reserve After 3 Years – Jharkhand Forest Officials Overjoyed

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The forest officials in Jharkhand are rejoicing after a tiger was sighted directly in the Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) after a gap of three years. This has come as a major relief for the Jharkhand forest department, as the Progress Report on the Status of Tigers in India, released in 2019 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had stated that there were no tigers left in this reserve.

The sighting of a tiger had been reported in the Baresand area back in November 2021, but it was impossible to capture the moment in either camera or personal photographs. Being the largest tiger reserve in Jharkhand, the PTR covers an area of around 1,230 sq km and had quite a population of the majestic animals prior to 2014. According to the census report, only 3 tigers were found in 2014, whose numbers eventually dwindled down to zero, as reported in 2019.

The elated PTR Director, Kumar Ashutosh, gave out more details about the recent sighting. He informed the press that 40 trap cameras had been installed and over 30 trackers have been employed to keep an eye on the wild cat. Deputy Director Brajesh Jena is currently camping in the Kutku Range of PTR to protect it from intruders and poachers.

The Director further went on to say that it was one of their staffs who first noticed the tiger last Friday and then, he himself visited the spot and took photographs and videos for confirmation. It was established that the tiger is around 8-9 years of age and has been killing and feasting on cattle in the area for the last two days. The local villagers have also been warned to keep away from the majestic beast and compensation will be given in case it kills their livestock.

Due to the lack of forest cover in Chhattisgarh, near PTR’s border, as well as the lesser number of villages there, tigers have started migrating to the Palamu Tiger Reserve, thus reviving the ancient corridor between Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Though the PTR had recorded 22 tigers in 1972, the number drastically decreased to just 3 by 2014, but the latest report has increased the count to five. The images and other proof of the animal will be sent to the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to be included in the Tiger Census report.

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