Tiger Shroff Is Reportedly Interfering Way Too Much In Girlfriend Disha Patani’s Life – MissMalini

Tiger Shroff’s Support of Disha Patani – Advice, Encouragement, and More

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are one of the most talked about couples in the Bollywood Film Industry, with both of them being immensely successful. From the beginning of their relationship, Tiger has been helping Disha in many ways. He may not be the most experienced Bollywood actor, but he is trying to guide Disha in her journey.

A source close to the couple revealed, “Tiger has been giving advice to Disha on her diet and work out to make sure she looks her best. Not just that, he is also guiding her on selecting her outfits and endorsements. Tiger is not just trying to tell her which films to sign, but what kind of contracts she should take up too.”

Unfortunately, it seems like Tiger’s help and guidance may be crossing the line and intervening in her life, according to reports. When asked about it, Tiger was very upfront about his stance on the subject. He said, “I’m nobody to tell anyone what to do since I’m still new in the industry. I take care of my business and try not to interfere in anyone’s life. I wouldn’t expect or want someone to tell me what to do in my own life, so I would never advice anyone else about his or her life decisions. Moreover, I am not really into the whole social scene, so helping one to decide where to go is totally out of the question.”

It’s refreshing to hear such a positive attitude being adopted by Tiger, while still being supportive of Disha. This goes to show that their relationship is all about understanding, respect, and unconditional love, aspects that are much needed by any couple.

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