Tiger returns to Vizianagaram district, kills two cattle – The New Indian Express

SEO Title: Elusive Tiger Takes a Detour to Vizianagaram, Kills Cattle and Leaves Village in Fear

The residents of Vizianagaram district in India had barely breathed a sigh of relief when the elusive tiger was spotted two days ago in Parvathipuram-Manyam – only to see it take a detour back to their district. The endangered animal had been giving the local population sleepless nights with its continuous attacks on the cattle, which resulted in the death of 12 cows and multiple injuries. With the pug marks being recorded, the forest authorities have started the process to provide compensation to the affected families.

The Fear of the Elusive Tiger

The residents of Vizianagaram now live in fear; feeling they are on high alert not sure what the tiger will do next. Adding to their distress is the lack of action from the forest officials to capture the wild feline, despite their numerous calls and requests.

The people feel if the tiger isn’t caught, more and more cattle will be at risk. They believe that providing compensation after the fact, does not address the root of the problem and feel the best thing to do is to catch the tiger before it causes more destruction.

Calling for Action

The people of Vizianagaram now call upon the forest officials to take action and catch the elusive tiger before any more cattle are harmed. They want the authorities to protect the cattle from the wild animal instead of resorting to providing compensation to their losses. Until the tiger is recovered, the people will remain scared and vigilant in their surroundings.

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