SFRI gives tips to master trainers for Tiger Estimation-2022 – The Hitavada

How to Use Camera Traps for Maximum Efficiency: A Guide to Training Master Trainers at SFRI

The State Forest Research Institute (SFRI) Jabalpur is responsible for training master trainers in the best techniques to use advanced camera traps ahead of the All India Tiger Estimation 2022. A two-day training session was held at the SFRI in order to help master trainers from twenty-two forest divisions learn the best practices of installing and monitoring these camera traps.

Compare Different Types of Camera Traps
To better understand the optimal utilization of camera traps for tiger estimations, the master trainers in attendance were taught about the various types of camera traps and their quality. Under the attentive supervision of SFRI Director Amitabh Agnihotri and Deputy Director Amit Kumar Singh, master trainers were instructed in the art of installing and monitoring the traps.

Receive Targeted Training from Experienced Professionals
The SFRI provided experienced scientists such as Dr. Aniruddha Majumdar, Dr. Anjana Rajput, Dr. Mayank Makrand Verma, and Rakesh Jain to answer any questions the master trainers had. This helped the master trainers understand the details of the camera traps and put the information to good use in the future.

SFRI’s Reputation as a Training Institute
This was not the first time SFRI Jabalpur trained master trainers for an All India Tiger Estimation. In fact, it was the fifth time in four year intervals that the SFRI organized tiger estimations in collaboration with the State and Central Government. Scientists and subject experts from SFRI, Wildlife Institute of India Dehradun and Madhya Pradesh Forest Department offered training for master trainers at eleven places in the first phase.

Based on the success of the training session at SFRI, these master trainers can be expected to use camera traps for maximum efficiency when it comes time to perform the All India Tiger Estimation 2022. The SFRI sent its best and brightest to answer any questions the master trainers had during the course of the event, meaning that this training will illuminate the tiger estimations more accuractly than in previous years.


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