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The Brisbane City Council has announced its plans to accommodate a new walking and riding trail connecting under the storey bridge to connect the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge project.


The new underpass would link Main Street and Deakin Street at Kangaroo Point, creating additional openings in the concrete walls. The link allows for the creation of an underpass featuring separated paths for pedestrians and cyclists, an accessible viewing area, and illustrative wall panels showcasing the rich history of the Story Bridge.

Further works required include the relocation of utility services, floor drainage, surface levelling and partition wall separating the existing council depot.

Pedestrian, cycling, and e-mobility movements will be improved, with the council planners and engineers recommending the gap in the bridge be used to create this new link without damaging the Story Bridge structure.


Adrian Schrinner, Lord Mayor of Brisbane outlined the idea sought to join a city landmark of the past with a landmark of the future, the city’s emerging Kangaroo Point Green Bridge.

“This underpass is a critical project that will connect the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge landing at Scott Street to the wider active transport network in Kangaroo Point and the eastern suburbs”.

“It also represents a connection between Brisbane’s most iconic landmark of the last century and the future world-class landmark linking the city centre and Kangaroo Point Peninsula”.

“This Story Bridge is not only part of Brisbane’s heritage but part of its future. So it’s fitting that 95 per cent of the concrete sections removed from the bridge will be recycled and could be given a new life in other parts of the city.”

“To deliver this new connection we have cut openings into both sidewalls of the Story Bridge, with the walls delicately removed piece by piece. We now have daylight streaming through both sides of the underpass, lighting up a space that has never previously been accessible to the public.”

“In 2041, it’s anticipated that around 2800 of those daily trips on the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge would continue through the new underpass. The existing underpass at Thornton Street is not an accessible connection because of the stairs”.

“With the Olympics and Paralympic Games on the horizon, there is a need for a convenient ongoing connection that would be able to link walkers and riders heading from The Gabba to the CBD,” Schrinner said.

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– Council Announcement: Brisbane City Council
– Images: supplied by Brisbane City Council
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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