Man who fled with a tiger has been caught, but the animal is on the loose, Houston police say – CNN

SEO Clickbait Title: Captured! Man Arrested After Housing Bengal Tiger in Houston Home; Whereabouts of the Wild Animal Remain Unknown

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The authorities in Houston, Texas have captured the man who has been seen and accused of containing a Bengal Tiger in his backyard, however, the animal’s current whereabouts remain a mystery. On Monday, the Houston Police department confirmed that Victor Hugo Cuevas, 26, was detained for evading apprehension as officers had their weapons aimed at the animal in the yard.

A Neighbour’s Unexpected Discovery of the Wild Animal

The unbelievable event unfolded when Jose Ramos, 50, who lives next door, was at home eating and glanced out of his window to see a Bengal Tiger sitting in his front yard. Ramos stepped outside to capture the rare moment on camera, while shaking out of fear. Fortunately, an off-duty deputy showed up at the scene, and when Cuevas arrived, he pleaded with the deputy not to shoot the animal.

Cell Phone Footage of the Moment

The event was caught on camera by Maria Torres, who provided the footage to a local TV station. The video presented shows the big cat leisurely wandering around the suburban home, and in the next moment Cuevas gets up and holds the tiger in an attempt to move it away from the area.

Violation of Houston Law

The possession of a tiger within city limits is a violation of Houston law, punishable with a maximum of $500 fine. Despite, this being the case, it is under the Texan state laws that owning such an animal is legal with specific restrictions.

Tiger Now on the Loose

Playfully named “India” the 9-month-old Bengal Tiger fled the scene with Cuevas in a white SUV and a pursuit began by Houston police. However, the suspect got away. On Tuesday, a magistrate set a $50,000 bond for Cuevas, and prosecutors have now sought legal action to change his bond for a murder charge in Fort Bend County earlier this year.

Final Assesment

The incredible incident has raised a number of questions as Cuevas’ attorney stated that his client wasn’t even the owner of the big cat, thus the public is left curious as to who the real owner is. To make matters all the more befuddling, Ramos was oblivious to the fact that a man charged with murder was living and housing a tiger in the area. Until now, Cuevas was out on bond from his charges of evading arrest or detention from earlier this year in Austin County and will likely remain within Fort Bend County until the hearing on Friday.


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