Human-wildlife conflict on rise in Karnataka: Boy, 8, killed by ‘man-eater’ tiger; 3rd attack in 16 days – Times Now

Clickbait Title: Shocking! 8-Yr-Old Killed by ‘Man-Eater’ Tiger in Karnataka, Rs.7.5 Lakh Given to Kin

Dreadful news coming out of Karnataka as an 8-year-old boy has been mauled to death by a ferocious tiger identified as ‘man-eater’ in Kodagu. The forest department has deployed sharpshooters to either capture or shoot dead the cat. Meanwhile, the department has provided Rs 7.5 lakh as financial assistance to the victim’s family.

Another Man Killed by Tiger in Maharashtra

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only human-wildlife conflict reported in recent days. In another incident, a tiger attacked and killed a man in the jungle in Pombhurna forest range, Maharashtra last Wednesday. The victim, Purusottam Madavi, had ventured into the forest to collect fooder when the incident took place.

Compensation Announced by Karnataka Government

The horrific incident took place in Karnataka’s Belluru village when the ‘man-eater’ tiger attacked the minor boy out of the blue. His grandfather who was shortly present, who tried to rescue the child, was also attacked by the beast. In response, the Karnataka government has announced compensation of Rs 7.5 lakh to the minor victim’s family.

Forest Department Deploys Sharpshooters

The state Principal Chief Conservator of forests has directed officials to either trap or shoot dead the big cat. Monday night, three shots were fired at the tigress by sharpshooters which injury her, however, she fled away. Forest staff are currently surrounding the nearby area and are trying to capture the wounded cat.


The recent incident of an 8-year-old boy mauled to death by a ‘man-eater’ tiger in Karnataka has reached the headlines yet again. The forest department has announced compensation to the victim’s family and have deployed sharpshooters to either capture or shoot dead the big cat.


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