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Ranthambore’s Tiger T-57 Passes Away After Struggling for 20 Days

Sad news has come from the Ranthambore tiger reserve as Tiger T-57, nicknamed Singhsth, has passed away after struggling for 20 days. On December 20, the tiger was found to be lagging in health, after which the forest department tranquilised it in order to treat it. Unfortunately, the tiger’s condition worsened after two days and was subsequently attacked by Tiger T-123, which further weakened it. Finally, after 20 days of treatment, Tiger T-57 succumbed to its illness.

Tiger T-57 Fell Ill on December 20

Tiger T-57, also known as Singhsth, fell ill on December 20. The officials were informed but they could not decide on tranquilising the tiger until the evening of December 20. After news of the ailing tiger was aired on First India, the forest department treated the tiger by tranquilising it on December 21 and released it in the forest on December 22.

Tiger T-123 Attacked T-57, Injury Further Weakened the Tiger

Two days after treatment, the condition of the tiger deteriorated as it was seen sitting at a place. On December 29, another tiger, Tiger T-123, attacked Tiger T-57 and injured it. Field director Seduram Yadav and DFO Sangram Singh decided to keep the tiger in its natural habitat, after talking to the higher officials and increasing its monitoring.

Tiger T-57 Cremated After a Post-Mortem

After almost 20 days of striving for life and death, Tiger T-57 said goodbye. During the postmortem, a tumour weighing 3 kg was found near the tiger’s liver and two tumours of a half-kg each were discovered near its spleen – suggesting to be the main cause of its death. The tiger was eventually cremated after the post-mortem.

The unfortunate passing away of Tiger T-57 highlights the need for dedicated efforts towards wildlife conservation and keeping a vigil eye on animals in captivity.

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