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Rescue Operation Must Be Intensified as Tiger Spotted at Mangatta in Balod Lost and Could Head Further Down to Kanker


Forest Department officials have expressed serious concerns as the endangered tiger, last reported to have entered Balod, has been lost track of. The area could further extend down to Kanker which is infamous for its poaching activities. In order to ensure the safety of the big cat, the Forest Department must intensify its search and rescue operations.


Tracking the Endangered Tiger


Moiz Khan, a member of Nova Nature Society, has raised serious concern over the whereabouts of the spotted tiger in Balod area. The area stretching from Balod to Kanker is notorious for illegal poaching activities that has left many wild animals dead. This is why vigilance and a rescue operation is crucial to the safety of the tiger.


High Risk of Accidental Encounter With Humans or Animals


Wildlife conservationist Nitin Singhvi informed that there is a very real possibility of the tiger coming face-to-face with humans or cattle leading to an unfortunate and potentially fatal encounter. This could further stir up anger and rage amongst villagers, which could lead to the illegal hunting or killing of big cat.


Poaching Incidents in Chhattisgarh Region


Poachers have been active in the Chhattisgarh region in past years with multiple recovery of leopard and tiger body parts. Seizures include a leopard hide, bones, teeth and whisker strands seized from Pendri Transport area in Rajnandgaon on January 31, 2018, and a tiger hide at Manpuri of South Kondgaon, Kanker Forest Division to name but a few. In total, 20 tiger hides have been recovered in Chhattisgarh in the last 10 years.




The need of the hour for the Forest Department to spring into action and track down the endangered tiger spotted in Balod. Being extra cautious in area stretching from Balod to Kanker is of utmost importance in order to save the animal from illegal hunting and poaching activities. The onus lies on the Forest Department to intensify the rescue operations and ensure the tiger is found.


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