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SEO Title: Corbett Tiger Reserve Records India’s Highest Tiger Density

The incredible feat that Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) in Uttarakhand has accomplished recently is truly inspiring and humbling in equal measures. The report titled ‘Status of Tigers Co-predators and Prey in India’ released by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change revealed that CTR has 14 tigers per 100 square kilometers which is the highest in Indian tiger reserves. This momentous achievement is credited to the good prey base, forest cover, protection and conservation efforts.

Good Prey Base, Forest Cover and Protection Lead to Corbett Tiger Reserve Holding India’s Highest Tiger Density

The unprecedented record set by Corbett Tiger Reserve goes on to indicate the extraordinary conservation and protection efforts being undertaken in the area. CTR has the highest tiger numbers with 231 inside the reserve and 266 utilizing the reserve. Dhananjai Mohan, director of Wildlife Institute of India, the institution which played a key role in the country’s ‘Project Tiger’ said in his statement that CTR’s even distribution of prey base is also a key factor responsible for this incredible feat.

Uttarakhand’s Conservation Efforts Have Been Rewarded by CTR Records

For this spectacular feat, Uttarakhand state authorities and forest department have to be commended for their timely and effective actions. Parag Madhukar Dhakate, chief conservator of forests in Uttarakhand mentioned improved protection and conservation efforts for this achievement. The voluminous 656-page report released by the Union Minister for Forest and Environment Prakash Javedkar stated that CTR has the highest tiger numbers with 231 inside the reserve and 266 utilizing the reserve.

Project Tiger and the Vulnerability of Corridors to Developmental Projects

The report also elaborated on connectivity of major tiger populations through habitat corridors and the vulnerable areas which require conservation attention for each landscape. It warned that these corridors are further threatened by the proposed Kandi road that will connect Kotdwar to Ramnagar through parts of CTR and highlighted the importance of restoring the connectivity in the foothills and less hilly tracts for elephant movement which is currently curtailed and leads to conflict. The report discussed the degradation of these corridor habitats due to unsustainable human use and developmental projects.

Camera Traps for Monitoring Tiger Populations

The report also pointed out the need for sustaining the tiger populations, according to which monitoring programs need to be holistic and use the blend of the best available science and technology while being practical to implement at large spatial scales. To cover the ground camera traps were deployed at 26,838 locations to produce photographs of tigers and leopards.

All India Tiger Estimation Report 2018

According to All India Tiger Estimation Report 2018 released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July last year, there are 442 tigers in Uttarakhand. The population of India’s national animal in the hill state has registered an increase from 178 in the year 2006, 227 in 2010, 340 in 2014 and 442 in 2018. The incredible feat of Corbett Tiger Reserve Recording India’s Highest Tiger Density highlights the need for sustained efforts and commitment by the forest departments too ensure safe habitats and conserving India’s national animal.


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