11 Expansive Cinematic Universes That Aren’t Marvel or Star Wars

Well-known ghosts Positioned on a ghoulish current at Japan baseball recreation

The worlds of Ju-On and Ring, two Japanese horror mega-franchises that made it huge in North America, weren’t linked till 2016, roughly 20 years after they kicked off. Ju-on, Additionally referred to as The Grudge, started as A pair of brief films and expanded into the 2002 Takashi Shimizu film that launched The house in Tokyo haunted by (justifiably) vengeful ghost Kayako and her A lot extra creepy ghost baby, Toshio, each homicide victims (therefore the grudge). That film spawned three direct sequels, As properly as to a quantity of briefer works, novelizations, a Online recreation, And tv collection.

Ring, in the meantime, based mostly on a collection of novels from Koji Suzuki, gave the world the considerably much less-sympathetic Sadako, a serial killer who curses people Collectively with her doomed VHS tape earlier than memorably Coming out of The tv display. Hideo Nakata directed The primary primary adaptation (after an ealier Tv film), producing six sequels So far, As properly as to pretty a few facet tasks (a Tv collection, a South Korean remake, manga, and so on.)

Both Grudge and Ring, Really, generated American remakes which went on to spawn sequels themselves (and, for The Grudge, a remake of the remake), although, for our features, these are in unrelated universes. 2016, although, noticed Japan’s reply to Freddy vs. Jason in Sadako vs. Kayako: Sadako, it seems, is again on her videotape bullshit, and the youthful woman cursed to die is educated, helpfully, that The one Method to cease Sadako is to summon an equally vengeful demon and pit them in the direction of Every completely different, Superstar Deathmatch-type. Promotion for the film included a baseball exhibition involving Toshio and The two women, all of whom are Fantastic at curses and homicide, much less good at sports activities.

Highlights: The distinctive Japanese Grudge film is pretty good, and The primary Ring film is good. The American The Ring from 2002 Is excellent, and Sadako vs. Kayako is splendidly foolish.

The place to stream: The first three Japanese Ring films are on Shudder and Tubi, and Sadako vs. Kayako is on Shudder. The first Ju-on is on Freevee.

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